Week 43(24th May — 30th May)

Amie Agate
2 min readJun 15, 2021

This week started off with me chatting with Chichester Council staff to get my ID badge and arrange going over to carry out the risk assessment at the Chichester offices. I arranged to pop over this week.

The risk assessment at the Chichester offices went well, I had a walk through with Tony and got to see how the offices currently operate, as well as understand better what the plan are for reopening to the public. We ended up completing two risk assessments but breaking them down into two time periods, one for when there will not be a ‘walker’ who will direct clients, and when the office is not open to the general public, the second when there is a ‘walker’ and the offices are open to the public, from the 21st June.

A screenshot of one of the Chichester workplace risk assessments

I also had a recruitment meeting with Danni where we discussed making roles more specific for our recruitment posts on social media. As well as more offline avenues we could pursue to get more F2F and remote advisers in place.

I also went back over to Chichester to prep it for opening up for projects f2f services on the following Monday with Charlie. we placed a few posters up about contacting us through our remote services. As well as set up the reception area ready for client appointments, as we would not be using the interview rooms as there would only be one adviser in, so it made more sense, to position the adviser in one spot for the day rather than letting them move between desks and creating more area for them to de-contaminate at the end of the day.

I also did my first personal risk assessment with an adviser. This went well and they were happy to start going back into the office once it opened the following week. I also sent them through the updated office guidance which they had a read through before they went into office.

A screenshot of the Bognor office guidance I sent to the staff member i completed the personal risk assessment with

I also went through the EUSS funding bid with Luca prior to submitting, it was good practice to have a read through and help edit a more in depth funding bid as its not something I've done before.



Amie Agate

Advice Innovation Project Worker at Arun and Chichester Citizens Advice.