Week 45(07th June— 13th June)

Amie Agate
2 min readJun 22, 2021


This week I finished the recruitment plan for Danni, I've forwarded it on ready for her return next Monday where we’ll discuss merging both of our plans and moving forward.

A screenshot of the first page of the recruitment plan

I also attended a meeting with Jackie from West Sussex libraries, to see what kind of digital offering the libraries had that we could potentially latch onto to create our video advice hubs. The meeting was very useful and we decided the best option would be to make use of the iPads the libraries had, these were the best option as they were currently not in use. We would just need to practice with the library iPads to see if the had the technical capabilities to access Attend Anywhere. After the meeting i emailed Vicki at Littlehampton library to arranged something next week, ahead of our meeting with Jackie and Gareth Friday to finalise the video advice hub details.

I also completed the Pagham, Easebourne and Chichester funding application forms. Hopefully we will hear back soon from some of our applications from last month.

I then went over to Bognor in preparation for the PAT testing taking place. This went really well, nothing failed the PAT test and all went smoothly.

Whilst I was at Bognor i printed off and cut up the leaflets for the library service, ready for our opening next week.

A screenshot of the Littlehampton Library leaflet we created and printed off this week

We also went ahead and created an Easy Read ‘contact us’ leaflet ready for the Aldingbourne LD Pride event next weekend.

I also caught up with Luca on future funding bids that would need to be completed and to look over my video implementation plan, Luca gave me some really useful tips on my video implementation plan, adding in columns on resources needed to complete the task, who is responsible for completing the task, what completing the task would look like and a general tip to extend my deadlines as I had cut them quite close



Amie Agate

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